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Arab Grants® RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FUND is an initiative of the Arab Grants®, The Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND) in partnership with The Arab Council for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research,(ACGSSR), and several Non-Governmental Organizations globally.

It aimes at extending the reach of AGFUNDS assistance beyond the Middle East and also sponsoring result oriented researches in various disciplines across the world. 

Our Organization has become one of the strongest levers of The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia ( UNESCWA). 


> We offer full and partial scholarships for students in Post-tertiary institutions across the world.
> Academics Grants to students for financial relief.
> Funding Scientific, Medical and Academic research.
> Setting up quality infrastructure in learning institutions across the world.
> Supporting Lecturers and Academicians in Institutes of higher learning with Cash Grants, so as support them in their various quests for self improvement, as we believe, that when they are properly equipped, they can rely better knowledge to the students

We encourage students, lectuers, researchers and education consulatants to apply for funding. Funds gets disbursed as soon as submission, verification and approval have been made.



Head Office for Arab Grants® RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FUND is located in Beirut, Lebanon, home to the Economic and Social Commision for Western Asia (ESCWA). In addition to ESCWA, there are also liaison offices in Africa, North America and Europe .


Gf - Bloc A - La Plaza Center (Beirut Terraces)
Bssalim Main Road, Jal el Dib, Metn, 

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