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ARAB GRANTS® makes a coordinated research effort that brings together policymakers and researchers to test innovative solutions to the most binding constraints to SME growth. By working with governments, non-profits, donors, multilateral organizations, and the private sector, the SME Program promotes the use of evidence in the design of SME development programs and policies. 

We focus our funding mainly for women and young people in Africa, Asia, some parts of Europe and South America who wish to start up a business (Start ups) or currently running a Business with a scope of expansion to create employement and better lives.

We provide Cash Grants and Interest-free Loans from $ 3,000 USD ( Three Thousand Dollars) to $ 300,000 USD ( Three Hundred Thousand Dollars) to eligible SMEs across the world.

We also act as a service link Between several International Investors across the world and small business Business owners.

Small and medium enterprises in definition varies by country and institution. For example, in defining SMEs the European Union and World Bank Group focus on quantitative factors such as firm assets and employment levels. However, defining firms based on size is too limiting for our purposes. The SME Program focuses on examining transformational SMEs rather than subsistence SMEs – that is, those businesses with the capacity to innovate, compete, and grow. Some of these transformational businesses may be micro by a headcount definition; as such, our research agenda does not follow strict criteria for firm size.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are widely seen as engines of economic growth. In developing countries, SMEs provide over 70% of formal jobs on average2. SMEs are also thought to promote poverty alleviation and long-term economic growth through improved productivity, innovation, and social mobility. However, SMEs face constraints to growth that are particularly binding in developing countries.

In an effort to unlock the SME sector’s potential, governments and other institutions spend billions of dollars every year on programs aimed at reducing the barriers to growth for SMEs. However, high-quality research on which programs successfully address the constraints to SME growth is limited, leaving decision makers without clear guidance on which programs and policies to support. There is an urgent need for evaluation of SME promotion programs in order to help steer investments to the most effective practices. To achieve this, closer collaboration between the worlds of research and policy is necessary.

Business Grants

- Supporting thriving Businesses globally

We strive to support projects that embrace the principles of sustainable non-consumptive use of natural and renewable resources and, which are also economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. This relies on a holistic approach that is able to take into account the complex
inter-relationships between the various physical, biological, social and economic factors.

ARAB GRANTS® recently signed a $250 million Grant Agreement Scheme.
We provide cash Grants from $ 5, 000 ( Five Thousand Dollars) - $ 500, 000 USD ( Five Hundred Thousand Dollars).

As a consultant brokerage we have access to a wide variety of funding models, which can be tailored on a case by case basis, ranging from grant funding to equity investments and loans based. Funding projects in Africa, Asia, Some parts of Europe and South America

The team leading the organisation has extensive knowledge and over 60 years of combined experience within the finance and business sector.

A consistently growing network of business partners, funders, financiers and sector experts ensures the growing sustainable success of Finance & Competence.

ARAB GRANTS® have been working as accredited  Project Managers and Competence Brokers since its inception. Working predominantly with Funding Providers, we are however also able to provide opportunities for businesses to benefit from funding and finance from the various funding programs from our partners.

This opportunity is available for existing and thriving businesses who need funding to expand their scope of operations and offer more employment opportunties.
NOTE: These are Grants, so their is no expectations for refund, If however a benefiaciary wishes to support the Organizations after a period of time, it is still accepted.

We also connect Businesses to prospective Investors wishing to fund and provide facilities in related businesses. MESSAGE US to learn more about getting an investor for your business.







ARAB GRANTS® is offering a Global Funding Programme, where loans are offered to interested clients globally to fund profitable business and projects.

We work with projects at a variety of stages, assisting with funding through the sourcing of Grants and Investments or required finance. Finance & Competence is continuously in the process of acquiring additional funders and partners to ensure the availability of service providers to all our stakeholders.

Honesty and integrity with our clients at every stage of the process forms the basis of the company’s corporate culture

Our program currently entails the use of any 5 (five) of our most proficient financial institutions here in the Middle East and Asia to Fund 
>Private Capital
> Private Equity
> Project Funding,
>Real Estate,
>Business & Entertainment Funding,
>Venture Capital,
>Hedge Funds, and others...

We exclusively deal with funding transactions between $ 100, 000 USD (One Hundred Thousand Dollars)  - $ 300,000,000 USD (Three Hundred Million Dollars)

The loans can be for a duration of 1yr -10yrs  and at an annual interest rate of 3.5%.   

If you are seeking a loan for the development of expansion of your business, innovative products, processes or even technical services;
ARAB GRANTS® has professional finance programs that will provide you with the chance to gain a competitive edge over the competition and pave the way for the positive growth of your company.

Below are the important Steps required for new clients to enroll in our Global Funding Program:

Step 1:
Interested applicants should  APPLY ONLINE  or send  their Letter of Intent & Executive Summary to:

Step 2:
We would respond to confirm your readiness and provide you with the below documents:
Loan Application Form – Fill in and return to us
CIS (Customer Information Sheet) Form – Fill in and return to us
NCND (Non-Compete No Disclosure) Agreement – Fill in and return to us

B. In ONE EMAIL send all REQUIRED documents above to:

Step 3:
Our Compliance Team Reviews the Client Compliance Application to check the authenticity of the information provided, the good standing of the Applicant and that the funds earned by the client will not be used for an illegal activity such as drugs, guns or money laundry. 

Step 4:
Accepted applications will be responded to with an Acceptance Letter, a comprehensive Deed of Agreement & Independent Trustee Agreement by our Legal Team, governing the loan terms. All relevant parties complete and sign these documents, thereby making it a full legal agreement.

Step 5:
Independent Trustee Confirms Deposit and informs relevant parties. After which Trustee Contacts Bank for Loan processing with supporting documents. 

Step 6:
Issuing Bank acknowledges documents submitted by Independent Trustee and Issues the loan funds to the Client specified Banking coordinates within 10 - 15 working days as specified on DOA in Step 4 above.

Step 7:
Hard copies of the transaction will be mailed directly to the Client after 10 working days, thereby concluding the transaction.

Important Notes:

We would not respond to improperly addressed emails. Especially mails written in one line, which do not state sender name, project that requires funding, amount, duration the loan is required, confirmation that our procedures are understood...

Emails received that clearly states the sender is not willing to follow our procedures stated above, would be ignored.

We work with 3 of the Top Issuing Banks in Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, UAE, China and Russia to ensure funding for lucrative Projects and Businesses that meet our requirements.

The client's Executive Summary must be simple but precise in providing information regarding the project and its financial request for funding.

Funds from our loan program can be held by the client's company only for the duration agreed on the signed DOA. Any default in repayment on the client's part outside Insurance Coverage, will attract legal prosecution from the Issuing Bank and our legal department.

All projects will be monitored by ARAB GRANTS® and  the beneficiary clients Bank, to ensure strict adherence and financial responsibility.

We can arrange for reasonable moratorium on repayments for Project and cash flowing stabilization. (Determined on a case-by-case basis).

Our Team of Highly Informed Experts has a commitment to the Highest Standards of Professionalism and has a Passion for adding value to the Companies and Projects we work with.

Physical Application Request 

For Clients who prefer to appear in person rather than apply online as stated above, it's imperative  Applicants could schedule a Physical Application. This is done through the following process:

> Email us your travel document and itinerary so that we may schedule an appointment for your visit to our office.
During your visit to our office, we would provide you the necessary application forms to complete and return back to us. 
> We would refer you to an Attorney whom would assist you in getting the necessary documents to aid you in opening a bank account at the financial institution that accepts your loan request.
>A Physical Application requires the client to be present through the entire loan processing. This total duration for processing may up to 45days, depending on the clients speed in providing the required documentation for the application.

Accommodation, Attorney fees and Utility bills incurred during the entire process, are the applicants' sole responsibility.

You would be visiting the Bank periodically with the Attorney, until the new account is successfully registered. You are then to proceed with making a Security Deposit to your new account, for your loan request to be processed within 40days.

When the the loan is approved and funds made available to your account, you may withdraw or wire the funds to any beneficiary account of your choice.

For more information, contact:

Omar Samiya
Assistant Director - Business Loans


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