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Farmers globally are now being affected by low productivity, made worse by climate change: Droughts, pests, and other threats to crops and livestock affect millions of farmers. These challenges reduce crop yields and productivity, creating an ongoing struggle for smallholder farmers and their families to grow enough quality food and earn a stable income. A worsening climate, including rising temperatures and unpredictable rainfall, will only exacerbate these problems.

Boosting agricultural yields in food-scarce areas has been one of our foremost priorities. Agriculture remains the single largest employer in the world, providing livelihoods for 40 percent of today’s global population. The world’s 500 million small farms worldwide provide up to 80 percent of the food consumed.

However, 800 million people worldwide still lack regular access to adequate amounts of food. Adding to the traditional challenges is a changing climate that is impacting many farmers: global emissions of carbon dioxide have increased by almost 50 percent since 1990; and Himalayan snow and ice are expected to decline 20 percent by 2030.

We support the boost of Agriculture and ensuring food security by :

Financial Aid
Providing soft Loans and Grants to Farmers across the world. We however focus more attention on Smallholder farmers who are faced with lower profitability because they often face barriers to entering or engaging effectively in markets for their agricultural production, which limits the ability of smallholders to realize a profit from agriculture.

Technical Assistance
supports farmers and farming communities through technical assistance on: inputs, machinery, livestock; farming systems and equitable resource management, rotation, soil, water; farm economies and markets, including promoting high value crops and livestock products; food quality, including promoting organic pesticides, food safety and nutritious foods; food storage and

Favorable Policies
 Supporting Systems and Policies that  meet the needs of farmers: Many smallholder farmers are constrained by inadequate systems and policies that make it difficult for them to be profitable or to grow enough nutritious food. These systems and policies often fail to provide timely and affordable access to markets, advisory services, and inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and quality veterinary medicines. 

Gender Engagement
 Supporting women involved in Agriculture globally who are Vital drivers drivers for economic and social development for their families and communities. We empower them to have decision-making power in the agricultural system and in their own households. Inequitable access to agricultural information, inputs, and land constrains women’s productivity and empowerment. 

Creating Food Systems that provide adequate nutrition 
Many families do not have access to safe, affordable, nutritious diets year-round. Food systems do not incentivize production of nutrient-rich foods, seasonal availability constrains nutritious and safe food consumption throughout the year, lack of knowledge prohibits people from understanding their nutritional needs, and inadequate food policies struggle to ensure ,

Supports communities to establish farm-to-market roads and bridges, cross-border bridges and road linkages to existing transportation links. AKF brings together communities, mobilises funding, ensures quality control and manages construction. Communities provide labour and materials.

Are you a Farmer, Agricultural Reasearcher, Nutritionist, Food Industry, Organizations focused in improving food supply ? We can fund your Project.


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