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In support of the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Arab Grants Foudation has set out a Two Billion Dollar GLOBAL RELIEF FUND.  We hope these will assist people across the world in getting basic needs: Food, Shelter, Medications and clothing.

We are also offering Financial Aid and provision of Medical and Safety  supplies to relavant organizations across the world. 

In cojunction with our global Partners, we are offering Business Stimulus Funds to Business owners across the world. We belief these funds will sustain these business as the world's economy stabilizes. These Funds are given out to businesses irrelevant of their religious, ethnic, vultural or polictical affiliations. Visit our COVID-19 page to learn more



.....Making International Aid count

Arab Grants® is an International Organization committed to the support of Sustainable Development goals. The objective of the Fund is to assist Arab and other developing countries in developing their economies. We have active presence in 57 countries in The Middle East, Euro-Asia, and Africa.

The Arab Grants® extends Loans and non-refundable grants on concessionary term to finance development projects across the world with a focus in the developing countries. Since inception, Arab Grants® have also supported several businesses across the world through Loans and massive Grants, in our bid to improve the Global Economy. We are also dedicated in several Humanitarian missions and projects across the world.

We are in partnership with several Organizations and technically supported by The World Bank, World Health Organization and The United Nations.

During the year 2018, Arab Grants® provided 91 Loans, and 257 Grants totaling 350 Million Dollars, to 5 Arab countries, and 54 national and international Organizations and over 322 individuals. This Year we have an increased budget of 800 Million Dollars and hope to fund double than we did in 2018.  

We focus on Human Development Within the Middle East and Beyond. Our Focus area include, (but not limited to): Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, The Comoros Islands, Bolivia , Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cabo Verde, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Comoros, Djibouti, Domnican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Egypt, Gabon, Grenada, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Namibia, Naura, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Palestine, Peru, The Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Tanzania, The United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

What We Fund



We offer Research Grants, Scholarships and Funding to Tutors, Researchers, Students and Institutions globally. Learn more...



Each year, we provide several Interest-free Loans and Grants to support industries and SMEs across the world. Learn more...



We support Humanitarian effort of Non-profit Organizations by providing funds especially in regions of crisis and Disaster Learn more..



We provide eligible individuals and with interest-free Loans and Grants for Housing, Business, and Social Welfare.  Learn more...



Farmers across the world especially in Africa, and Asia have received Funding to support and improve productivity.  Learn more...



We are active in funding causes centered on Disease Management and Control, Climate Change and Green Energy. Learn more...


Arab Grants® provides funding for several proposals every year to support initiatives for both individuals and Organizational purposes. With adequate support from our partners, since inception,we have been able to contribute massively to Human Development and Environmental Sustainability.

Getting a Loan or Grant is quite easy and has been broken down into 5 simple steps. You will get funded immediately your application has been reviewed and approved.

Apply now to become a beneficiary. 

Our Grant process






Have you previously applied for a grant or loan?


Frequently asked questions ( FAQ) 

ARAB GRANTS® does a continual reappraisal of its procedures, programs, and projects. This is to ensure the our Organization meets its own set of high standards and serves as a good model of transparency in resource management at the Human, Financial, and Technical levels.

In general, Startup Small business grants aren’t available for
- Starting a business ( Exceptions whoever occur besed on neccessity) 
- Paying off debt, or covering operational expenses.
And unless your business is a non-profit or launching a project related to areas such as Science, Medical Research or Education, Grants can be very hard to be approved. That being said, there are startup small business grants available for specific business types and owners, including:

>Green businesses
>Rural businesses
>Women, veteran, or minority-owned businesses
>Non-profit organizations

We awards grants principally to Local organizations based mainly in the Middle East, Euro-Asia and Some parts of Africa.

For Business Grants, the Interested Industry must be in Agricultural Sector, Health Sector or in Human Development. We may consider other applications from other sectors, but we give priority to the earlier mentioned.

Businesses seeking Grants and Loans will have to be duly registered with relevant authorities as applicable in their different regions and Countries.

They MAY also will have to have International Licenses and Permits of operation.

Former grantees of the Foundation are also encouraged to re-apply for additional funding, provided that the report for the previous grant has already been submitted and validated.

For Private applicants, they MUST have to provide neccessary proof to prove they need financial assistance while Registering with applicable bodies for their application to be reviewed.

Navigate to the Top bar of the website or any of the buttons found on the website tagged APPLY FOR FUNDING  to apply.

Fill out the required information on the Application Form and submit. Ensure to put in correct and recent contact information as our Grant-reviewing Personnel will contact you with further instructions and directives.

Incorrect or falsified information will automatically disqualify any applicant.

Although startup small business grants are difficult to obtain, there are things that you can do to increase your chances. Bear in mind that grant-makers are looking for strong applications.

- State your objectives clearly, include a well-constructed business plan, and make sure your budget is realistic.
- State measurable objectives for the short and long term, as well as your methodology, benchmarks and timetables.
- Bring in outside experts as necessary and appropriate; an accountant or consultant can add credibility to your application process.
- Above all, remember to be clear about how you intend to use the funds requested, and if you get the grant, be sure to only use the funds for the stated purpose.

After completing your applications online, you will be contacted on furher proceedures.

Selection criteria and process applications are evaluated on the extent to which the organization possesses the vision, drive, experience and skills required to create and sustain a project that will advance ARAB GRANTS® objectives.

Questions used as criteria for selection:

- Does the organization demonstrate the vision and skills, breadth of experience and discipline needed to accomplish the project with a high degree of success in a timely and cost-effective manner?

- Does the organization’s track record and recommendations distinguish the organization as one who will achieve higher results for human developments ?

- Does the organization possess the leadership and analytical qualities needed to raise the level of local or national discussion and influence policy debate on the issues underlying the project?

- Is the project relevant to ARAB GRANTS® strategic priorities?
- Is the project sufficiently innovative in its approach and sound in its strategy to have an impact on Economic and Human Development, at the national, regional or local level?
- Are the project goals and timeline realistic and manageable?
- Does the project budget speak to the activities?
- Is the Monitoring and Evaluation framework well defined?
- Does the project identify and build on existing efforts by organizations or individuals already working on the issue?
- Does the project have multiplier effects?

Arab Grants requires all organizations seeking funding to submit a completed proposal template, a budget, and a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. The application should also include the following information as attachments:

-Proof of registration and (if available) a copy of organizational statutes;
- A list of board members, trustees and staff;
- A list of current activities or (if available) a most recent annual report;
- A current organizational budget and, if available, an audited financial statement;
- A recent project or organizational evaluation (if available).

Proposal writing can be a challenging enterprise. These guidelines have been prepared to help you. They outline what OSIWA considers the main elements of a grant proposal. We accept proposal in either French or English.

Our tips:

1. Address a need
In preparing the proposal, the organization seeking a grant must demonstrate its capacity to address a need. This need should clearly fall within ARAB GRANTS thematic areas and should prioritize the needs of the community.

2. Research
Before submitting a proposal, the grant seeker should research the funder’s mission, strategic priorities and budget.

3. Structured
Well thought-out, structured and carefully written proposals are more likely to be given favorable attention than those less carefully put together.

4. Additional support
The potential grantee greatly increases the likelihood of receiving funding by seeking support for respective components of its work from the appropriate source.

5. Feasibility
Most funders support a project only when convinced that it is feasible and that the prospective grantee is capable of implementing it.

6. Innovation
As much as possible applicants are encouraged to be creative and think outside-the-box.

Note: A well-written proposal for a weak, unnecessary or unfeasible project or a poorly written proposal for a potentially good project may both be denied funding.

After applying and submitting your application. You will be contacted by us. Always confirm the email of which you receive information to avoid being misled by unrecognized third parties. If in doubt about any messages puported to be from us, contact us at :

Duration for review, application and disbursement of funds differs. Priority is usually given based on
- Number of existing applicants seeking similar funding.
- Urgency and need of the Funds.
- Availability of resources.

However, some applications could be reviewed, approved and funded within 3 days, while other may last to a maximum of One month.

Once your applications have been reviewed, approved and all required conditions met, You will be required to open an account with any of our partner financial agencies. They will handle the processing and disbursement of funds. This is to ensure a smoother, faster and easier way of recieving your funds.


Our partners

Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development , USAID, Islamic Development Bank, The World Bank, World Health Organization, OPEC, Arab Gulf Program for Development, World HealthOrganization, King Faisal Foundation, Arab Monetary Funds and many more.

" I believe in Microfinance because it isn't just a path out of povery.
it's the road to self-reliance.

By allowing people to team up and literally become their own bank, you
can mobilize people and resources and alleviate poverty on the global
scale "

Rania Al-Abdullah

Queen of Jordan; Humanitarian Advocate

" ARAB GRANTS provided me with time, funds, and mentors to develop my Food Processing Business.

Through the recent Business Grant i received, i have been able to buy more machines and employ more people in my factory.

We have increased production, while offering our customers healthier and safer products.

" Getting Funded for my Post Graduate Studies by ARAB GRANTS has positively transformed me as a student.

It has also transformed me as an individual and reinforced my sense of purpose in work and education, and my belief that we all have a responsibility and a daily role to play in building safer, more just, progressive, and humane communities."

" On behalf of the patients served by our Hospital, thank you for the generous grant of Solar Electricity, which has provided uninterrupted Power.

Life Care Hospital  appreciates
the ongoing support of the ARAB GRANTS MEDICAL FOUNDATION to promote health and quality of life for community members affected by illness.

Listen to Abdulwahab Al Bader as he shares insights on how The Kuwait Fund, Arab Monetary Fund and Arab Grants in partnership with several Organizations in The Middle East have been contributing towards sustainable developments across the World.

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